Invitada Especial

Nora ~ Vocal: Orquesta De La Luz~ (Japan)

ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ was formed in Tokyo as a unique Japanese Salsa band in 1984 and started performing at the clubs such as the Shibuya Crocodile, Roppongi Pit inn.

The lead singer NORA visited NY with a demo tape that finally gave the band an opportunity to perform in NY in 1989. The first NY tour was so successful that the band had a chance to release the debut album “DE LA LUZ (Salsa Caliente del Japon)” through BMG Victor in Japan and RMM in US in 1990, which received the Gold Disc Award and hit No.1 on the Billboard Latin Salsa Chart and remained for 11 consecutive weeks. Since then the band visited 22 countries including USA, South Central America and Europe, released 6 original albums in total, received the Outstanding Award at the Japan Record Award (91 & 93), the United Nations Peace Medal Award (93), performed at the NHK Kohaku Utagassen (93) and nominated for the Grammy Award “Tropical Latin Album” (95). In 1997 the band was dissolved in order to focus on the members’ solo activities and was reorganized for the charity event “World Peace Music Festival” in 2002.

And the reaction of this event WPMF Vol.2 that was held in the next year made the artist to restart the activity. In July, 2004, the band’s original album “iBANZAAAY!” for the first time in nine years as new DE LA LUZ was released from AVEX io and started developing its energetic live activities such as participation to many events, festivals and made the nationwide concert tour successfully.
It was able to excite local fans by the Europe tour that the band performed after an interval of ten years while the new album “ARCO IRIS” in July, 2005 was released and the group appeared on television and worked on the frequent live performances.

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