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[Advanced Ticket] 1 day: ¥ 4,700 | 2 days: ¥ 8,000
[Door] 1 day: ¥ 5,200 | 2 days: ¥ 9,000 (from 12:00)

* Junior high school students and younger - free!

* 50% discount (1 day ticket only) for students (colleges, university), seniors (above 65), and disabled persons.

* Discount for married couples. (only 100 pairs.)
[August 17th] the application has be closed.

1. These discounts may not be combined with Advanced Ticket with Special Benefits.
2. Please read the conditions for obtaining and using the tickets, before you buy your ticket.

Ticket outlets:

e- plus
(Family Mart)


Ticket Pia

P-Code: 233-641

Lawson Ticket

L-Code: 86742

NPO Tiempo

* Advanced tickets for T.I. members are sold at Tiempo Iberoamericano.

Address: 3° Piso Daimyo11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041
Tel.: 092-762-4100 / Fax.: 092-762-4104

Conditions for obtaining and using the tickets.

If the festival is cancelled due to a force majeure such as bad weather:

» If the festival is cancelled on Saturday, August 30th:
You can enter the site the next day with the same ticket.
If you require a refund, please bring your ticket to Tiempo Iberoamericano and we will refund your money.

» If the event is cancelled on Sunday, August 31th:
We will refund your money at Tiempo Iberoamericano in exchange for your ticket.

» Two-day ticket holders:
We will refund tickets, minus the price for a ticket on the day the festival was held.

Please note that the starting time for the 31th could be changed if the 30th is cancelled. Please confirm it before coming.
(Contact: Tel: 092-762-4100)

• At the festival entrance gate, we will put a bracelet on your arm. Please take care that it does not break.

• It is prohibited to resell tickets to a third party. We bear no responsibility for problems with tickets through an internet auction, discount ticket shop, or any other unauthorized agent.

• We don't exchange tickets for any reason: lost, burn, tear, etc...
Please take care of it.

• We don't accept any application for refund of the purchased tickets, except in case of natural disaster as outlined above.