19th ISLA DE SALSA World Beat Festival

Date: August 8th (Sat.) and 9th (Sun.), 2015
Open: 12:30 / Starts: 13:00 / Close: 21:00
* Schedule is subjecto to change.
Venue: Seaside Momochi - Jigyohama
Ticket prices:

1day ticket: ¥ 4,600 / 2 days ticket: ¥ 8,000

* Junior high school students and younger: free!
* 50% discount for students (colleges, university), seniors (above 65),
disabled persons and foreigner.
* Discount for married couples.

[Door] Sales start: 12:00 at Main Gate
1day ticket: ¥ 5,200 / 2 days ticket: ¥ 9,000

Ticket outlets:

Ticket Sales Starts on Tuesday, June 6th, 2015.
• e-plus (Family Mart)

• Ticket Pia: P-Code: 263-472

• Lawson Ticket:L-Code: 85678

• NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano

Organizer: NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano
Co-organizer: LOVE FM
Marizon/Hakata Port Environmental Management Department
Sponsors: SANKO Co., Ltd
Collaborator: Embassy of Mexico in Tokyo
TNC (Television Nishinippon Corporation)
Yamaha Corporation
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau
Instituto Cervantes Tokyo
Sunset Live

• The Agency for Cultural Affairs

• Fukuoka Prefectural Government
• Fukuoka City Government
• Fukuoka Prefectural Board of Education
• Fukuoka City Board of Education

• The Asahi Shimbun Company
• The Mainichi Newspapers
• The Yomiuri Shimbun

• TVQ (Kyushu Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.)

• Embassy of Cuba in Japan

It’s one of Fukuoka's biggest and
longest running outdoor international festivals.

In Spanish, “salsa” means sauce. The ingredients for making the festival so rich come not only from the professional international and local musicians who fill the air with sounds that inspire even the uninitiated to dance, but also from every person who comes to spice up and savour the feast of activities, contributing to enriching the “sauce” of the festival. Whether you spend the day listening to music, dancing, sampling a variety of food, gazing at unique artistic works, or just sun bathing, why not go there and get stirred into another world! So what happens if you’re hungry during the festival? Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of delicious food on offer at stands run by a number of great Fukuoka restaurants. And with their many varied types of wonderful food, you won’t be left hungry for even a minute! It’s a great idea to bring swimwear! As well as being very practical with all that dancing in the sweaty summer heat, you can easily cool off with a dip in the sea! Then you can go back and dance without changing your clothes! For dancing to great live music, plus eating, drinking, sunbathing and swimming, then taking a little siesta...swimwear is definitely the clothing you need to fully enjoy Isla de Salsa!

Please read the following information before participating in
the "ISLA DE SALSA" festival, it will be much more fun!

Information before entering the festival venue:

  • • We don't have any parking for attendees, so please come by bicycle or public transportation. Help keep our environment clean!
  • There are some things hich are not allowed into the festival venue:
    1. No videocamera allowed: It is prohibited to enter with a videocamera, or to record any footage of festival.  Filming with a cellular phone or digital camera is also prohibited. 
    If you are found filming, our security staff will confiscate your recording device and delete any footage filmed at the festival.  The device will be returned to you at the festival entrance when you leave. 
    2. No drinks allowed: NO BEVERAGES of any kind (except milk for infants) can be taken in to the festival venue. Bags will be checked at the entrance and any beverages found will be collected. As you leave the festival, your beverages will be returned to you. We ask for your cooperation and appreciate your understanding.
    3. "Foods" brought from outside of the festival are not permitted.
  • • No pets allowed:

Information about at the festival:

  • • Please bring umbrellas, towels or any other items which will help to protect you from sunstroke.
  • • The area in front of the stage is designated for dancing, so it is prohibited to place or use any tripods, chairs, beach seats, etc. within that area. Please place or use your beach seat at the beachside.
  • • Do not enter the dressing rooms or mount the stage.
  • • Each person is fully responsible for their own baggage and personal items. (A cloak stand is available).
  • • Please use the trash cans and recycling bins to keep the venue clean.
  • • For smokers: Out of consideration for children and the environment, please use the designated smoking area when you wish to smoke.
  • • Each person must be responsible for moderating their alcohol consumption.  Please note that the effects of alcohol are stronger in the sun. If you find someone feeling ill or intoxicated, please notify the staff or security.  
  • We don't sell any alcohol to drivers, nor to people who are underage.
  • • We bear no responsibility for any trouble or any accidents either inside or outside of the festival venue.
  • • We don't have any responsibility for any problems, accidents, or  robbery. Furthermore, we bear no responsibility towards the resolution of any such problems.
  • • People who cause a nuisance to other attendees, staff or musicians may be asked to leave the festival, after warning from staff or security.  In such instances, we will not refund the ticket fee.
  • • If People come without ticket, we will call the police and transfer the issue to them. After that, we will demand for compensation.
  • • As there are mosquitos near the water and in the green areas of the festival venue, please come prepared with mosquito repellant.
  • • Please be careful that your "Isla de Salsa" bracelet does not break. People who are not wearing a "Isla de Salsa" bracelet will be asked to choose to either pay the ticket price or to leave the festival.
  • • If you wish to leave the Park temporarily and return later the same day, please go to the Re-Entry Gate
    Please enter the Park through the Re-Entry Gates if you don't have any baggage. 
    Your bags and other belongings will be inspected before you can re-enter the Park. Please go to the Main Gate. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Note: The Re-Entry Gate is different from the Main Gate that you use when you first enter the Park.
  • • Photos and images taked on the day of the festival day may be used in future publication or advertisement by the organizer.

Information for Ticeket:

If the festival is cancelled due to a force majeure such as bad weather:

  • If the festival is cancelled on Saturday:
    You can enter the site the next day with the same ticket. If you require a refund, we will refund the amount you paid for your tickets.
  • If the event is cancelled on Sunday:
    We will refund the amount you paid for your tickets.
  • Two-day ticket holders:
    We will refund tickets, minus the price for a ticket on the day the festival was held.

We will announce more details about the refund later at this website.

Please note that the starting time for Sunday could be changed if the festival on Satruday is cancelled. Please confirm it before coming. (Contact: Tel: 092-762-4100)

  • • At the festival entrance gate, we will put a bracelet on your arm. Please take care that it does not break.
  • • It is prohibited to resell tickets to a third party. We bear no responsibility for problems with tickets through an internet auction, discount ticket shop, or any other unauthorized agent.
  • • We don't exchange tickets for any reason: lost, burn, tear, etc... 
    Please take care of it.
  • • We don't accept any application for refund of the purchased tickets, except in case of natural disaster as outlined above.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there any parking there?

A: There are no parking spaces available at the festival venue. Please come to the festival on public transportation ( Nishitetsu Bus, Fukuoka City subway) or by bycicle. There is space for bicycle parking there.

Q Are we able to take a refreshing dip in the sea?

A: There is no problem with taking a refreshing dip in the sea, however swimming is not permitted. This swimming prohibition is in accordance with the regulations established by the park's Administrative Office. We request everyone's cooperation in respecting this regulation so as to avoid any accidents.

Q Is there any cloak or changing room?

A: Yes!!! We have a cloak room and changing room available. If you come to Isla de Salsa from far away... Don't worry!  You can go to directly to the festival from airport. When you arrive to the festival, change your clothes, and have fun! 

Q Is there any place to eat?

A: Various restaurants in Fukuoka will operate food and beverage stands at the festival, offering their original and multi-national menus. While feasting on the music, you can also quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger with flavors from around the world.

Q Can we barbecue in the venue?

A: It is prohibited in the beach of Jigyohama.

Q Can I bring the festival cameras and video cameras?

A: Cameras is permitted, but do not allow the use of a tripod.
However it is prohibited to enter with a videocamera, or to record any footage of festival. Filming with a cellular phone or digital camera is also prohibited.
If you are found filming, our security staff will confiscate your recording device and delete any footage filmed at the festival. The device will be returned to you at the festival entrance when you leave.

Q Are there any shady spaces?

A: Yes! We have a lot of parasols set-up bayside and there are areas shaded by trees where you can relax out of the sun. So, don't worry!

Q Is there any place to stay at night?

A: This year we don't have any place to stay at the festival venue. Please make a reservation at any of the many hotels available in Fukuoka. We put some information about hotels in Fukuoka on our web site. Please have a look!

Any other question, please contact us!

TEL: 092-762-4100 or Contact Form

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